Neck & Shoulder Pain

I had constant pain in my neck and back and I didn't want any more surgery. Since my treatments with Clare, I am 95% better. I only wish I had known about her before.”

-Hazel Shelton

"I had a knot in my shoulder muscle that I couldn't get to go away and the movement was limited. I'd been to a chiropractor and also tried massage therapy to no avail. It only took 3 acupuncture sessions when I noticed my shoulder joint had loosened up and my husband said he couldn't find the knot in my shoulder anymore! I can actually reach behind my head and touch my back!"  

-Terry Hulen, Vernon AL

"I've gone to the chiropractor for years and gotten deep tissue massages regularly but nothing has helped my neck pain like acupuncture." 

"If I had to give my pain a number, I'd give it a 2, which I think is wonderful - you've been such a miracle for me" 

-Patient with a 10-year history of neck pain from a car accident

"You have drained all the pain out of my shoulder."