Lomi Lomi Massage

The word “lomi” means “to knead or rub as with paws of a cat.” In Traditional Hawaiian healing, the kapuna (or elders) teach that the mana, or life force, of the body is stored inside the bones of the individual, and that this life force includes body, mind, and spirit (in conventional medicine, we know that blood is made from bone marrow, so it is true in a very real sense that bones hold our life force).

In Lomi Lomi, as in Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is believed that there is an intuitive wisdom inherent in each individual and that this wisdom helps us physically, mentally, and spiritually. Practitioners of Lomi Lomi  seek to treat individual clients as a whole, trusting that through the massage wellness and healing will occur on all three of these levels. Lomi Lomi is therefore a holistic approach that seeks to bring each client into greater harmony both internally and with the world around them; the client isn’t seen as something to be fixed but rather as someone being returned to harmony and balance.

When offering Lomi Lomi massage, the practitioner applies pressure from light to deep depending on the needs that present themselves as well as the client’s expressed needs. In line with its holistic foundation, Traditional Lomi Lomi massage involves working multiple muscle groups at the same time, rather than individually; muscle groups are seen as a parts of the whole rather than as isolated sections of the body, and wellness involves the whole body and so requires a whole-body technique. This holistic approach may be why people often report a more "complete" feeling after a Lomi Lomi massage than with more conventional massage techniques. In addition to its holistic benefits, Lomi Lomi offers all the benefits of conventional massage as well, including improved circulation and immune response, increased range of motion and flexibility, improved posture, and decreased healing time.


60 minutes: $75
90 minutes: $100