Back/Hip Pain/Sciatica

"I'm feeling good - I moved more furniture this weekend than I have in a long time." 

-patient with a 20-year history of low back pain

"I do fine as long as I'm coming for acupuncture" 


-a patient with intense back pain due to scoliosis. After the first treatment, she reported no back pain whatsoever. Intermittent treatments now keep flareups at bay.

"I was at my last straw and ready to give up with my pain when my daughter told me she heard Clare had helped her friend. I had constant pain in my neck and back and I didn't want any more surgery. I tried shots and medicines and they didn't help, and I slept a lot so I wouldn't be in pain. Since my treatments with Clare, I am 95% better. I only wish I had known about her before. Thanks for helping me when I was in constant pain, now I can move around and do things I couldn't do before. I highly recommend acupuncture!"

-Hazel Shelton, Columbus MS

"I’m so frickin' amazed I could almost cry. I feel like a different don’t realize what pain is doing to you until it’s gone."

 - Patient during her first acupuncture treatment, with a history of chronic and debilitating sciatica

“Since I’ve been coming for acupuncture, I haven’t felt my hip at all, and I’ve been sleeping perfectly.”

"Shut up!" 

Said by a patient with a hip bursitis flareup after a couple of needles made the pain disappear. 

"WOW! Whatever you did yesterday made a big difference!! My hip is SO much better today!" 

"Most recently, on my first visit to Clare, I presented with terrible hip pain to the point that I was limping all the time and not able to sleep through the night.  After just one visit, my pain was about 75% improved, I slept through the night and my limp was GONE!”


-Jennifer Enochs, Tupelo MS