"I normally don't notice it unless there's some unusual circumstance - which is great because it used to feel like it was sliced open"

 -patient with a history of cervical nerve fusion getting acupuncture for numbness and pain in her arm and three fingers. 

“My feet and hands are remarkably improved. There’s a lady I know who has had the same treatment, the same drugs, as me, and she is nowhere near where I am.”


-patient with severe chemo neuropathy, after 10 treatments

“I had neck surgery and was left with nerve damage… the only way I could use my hand was by wearing a brace to extend my fingers.  After two weeks of acupuncture, I could extend my fingers, and my hand function had improved tremendously. I don't wear a brace anymore and am no longer considering surgery.”

-Jan Hudson

“Clare treated my CT with acupuncture. I did not have any further surgery, and today still have no symptoms, but if I did I’d be back in a heartbeat!”


-Melanie Morel