Immune Function/Fibromyalgia

"I can't really describe this acupuncture thing, but I am not having constant pain ANYWHERE since I came here. Where it used to hurt all the time now I'm only feeling twinges here and there."

"I have been through every treatment I can think of for fibromyalgia and nothing has worked. I have used medications, I have been through physical therapy, massage therapy, deep tissue release therapy, and even surgery. None of them work!! Acupuncture is the first thing that has reduced severe flareup from two to three times a month to one time every two to three months, and I have been able to reduce by more than half the amount of pain medications I take."

“I had been sick almost constantly for years…I am a happy person now, healthy, not sick, not stressed. I am even losing weight. Even my sight got better.”


-Janie Banal

“I made the (three-day driving) trip very well. I was just so excited because most of the time I have to go to bed for a week afterwards!”