"We believe that true health is about thriving, not just surviving."

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We believe that true health is about thriving, not just surviving, and that thriving is about the whole self – body, mind, and spirit. The body thrives not just when it is free of pain but also when it is clothed comfortably, when it is fed good food, when it enjoys comfortable surroundings and supportive conversation, and when it is allowed to rest calmly. The mind thrives not when it is numb but when it is free from constant chatter and negative messages.  The spirit thrives when we seek balance/homeostasis, and start to honor all the components in our life.


Our mission at Soulflower is to create a space where people can come to relax, feel accepted, and heal in every area of their life. Many people call Soulflower their happy place – come visit us and find out why! The focus of our apothecary is on traditional herbs and supplements, including hemp/CBD oil.

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 Hours: M-f 10:00-5:00 
Inside Soulflower Healing Arts Studio
300 Greensboro Street, Starkville, MS